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Executive and Leadership Coaching

What we do

We use interventions that increase individual self awareness and responsibility, improve alignment of intellectual and emotional abilities, whilst uniting the goals, aims, interests and values of the individual and the organisation.


By offering tailored coaching programmes using a mixture of coaching and psychological interventions. To gain improved sustainable individual and/or organisational performance through:

  • Achievement of individual objectives and goals that inturn improve organisational/business performance outcomes
  • Aligning intellectual and emotional energies, (IQ and EQ)
  • Closer alliance of goals, aims, interests and values of the individual and/or the organisation/business
  • Learning-Increasing knowledge of and improving behavioural skills whilst on the job
  • Improving resilience and the ability to flex with uncertainty and change.


  • Engaged employees who take responsibility and want to focus on growing the organisation
  • Employee fulfilment-customer satisfaction-shareholder value.

Coaching for Success

There are 5 key components to our program that ensures both developmental and behavioural change.

1. Personalised programs in a safe, supportive, non-judgemental and confidential environment.

2. Proven coaching process which focuses on:-

  • a self-directed learning approach which uses everyday experiences as a ‘forum’ for learning.
  • triangular reviews (when appropriate) with line managers
  • outcomes via goal setting and developing KPIs for learning and success.

3. Flexibility of approach

The coach uses a number of methodologies depending on the coachee’s learning style, motivation, commitment and role requirements.

4. Support and Guidance

The coach guides and supports the coachee with additional relevant reading materials and peer support opportunities.

5. Trusted Advisor

Our coaches experience as a business leaders combined with a therapeutic foundation enables conversations to be open, frank and reflective around key personal and business drivers.

“Coaching improves on the job performance, increases self awareness, and gives an opportunity for professional and personal growth”
— J.Whitmore (Coaching for Performance)